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Don’t put off protecting your family. With John Hancock, it’s easy to get reliable term life insurance that brings you peace of mind AND rewards your healthy habits.

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What is term life insurance?

Term is the period of time you want your coverage to last, like 10, 15 or 20 years.

Not sure how much you need?

A general rule is coverage for 5-10x times your salary. You will want enough to protect your loved ones should something happen to you during that time - to replace income and cover expenses like mortgages, student loans, debt, tuition and retirement.

Term life insurance costs less than you might think

Many people overestimate the cost — by as much as 80%1! Our affordable rates make it an easy decision, as shown in the chart below.

Monthly Rates for first year of a 10-Year Term with Vitality Policy2
Age $500,000 $750,000
30 $26.82 $37.25
40 $34.92 $49.40
50 $65.57 $95.37
60 $155.82 $230.75
Age $500,000 $750,000
30 $22.32 $30.50
40 $27.97 $38.97
50 $56.37 $81.57
60 $117.72 $173.60

Applies to Policy form series: 17SPTERMHE

Policy coverage available for $100,000 to $1,000,000 with 10-year term.

Save up to 10% on life insurance

Keep up your healthy habits—like walking the dog, going to the doctor, eating well—and earn Vitality Points that can lower your cost of coverage by up to 10%. Plus, get rewards and discounts like these:

Complimentary Fitbit® device

Get a FREE Fitbit® through the John Hancock Vitality Program when you purchase a life insurance policy.

  • Save up to $600 a year on healthy foods
  • Healthy gear discounts
  • Shopping and entertainment rewards

How Smart Protect Term Insurance with Vitality Works

Earn Vitality Points
You can earn Vitality Points for the everyday things you do to stay healthy, like going to the doctor, exercising, and buying healthy food. Record your activities with our easy online tools.

Increase Your Vitality Status
Each year, the number of points you accumulate will determine your Vitality Status (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum).

Enjoy Savings & Rewards
The higher your Vitality Status, the more you can earn in premium savings and rewards. On your policy anniversary you may receive premium savings depending upon the status you achieved (Silver, Gold or Platinum). Those savings can continue each year over the life of your policy if you lead a healthy lifestyle! In addition, if you achieve Gold or Platinum status in any year, the premium you pay in your next policy year will decrease compared to the amount you paid in the current policy year.

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