Get life insurance that pays you back now

Live healthy, save money with $700,000 in coverage for around $19/month*

Save on life insurance and more

Keep up your healthy habits — like walking the dog, going to the doctor, eating well — and earn
Vitality Points that can lower your cost of coverage. Once you purchase a life insurance policy,
choose a fitness device to help track your progress:

Apple Watch for as little as $25.
A complimentary Fitbit ® Inspire HR device or a different discounted fitness tracker such as Garmin or Polar.

Score even more:

Savings of up to $600
a year on healthy foods
gear discounts
Shopping and
entertainment rewards

It's easy to save


Earn points

Track the things you already do to stay healthy and accumulate points.


Increase your status

The more points you earn, the higher your status.


Get rewarded

The higher your status, the more savings and rewards you can earn each year.

Apple Watch for as little as $0/month

After your initial payment of $25, your monthly payments could be as low as $0 based on the number of points you earn.

  • Stay active to accumulate Vitality points each month for your Standard and Advanced workouts
  • The more points you earn, the less you'll pay
  • Track progress with the John Hancock Vitality app or member website

Points add up fast. For example, 15,000 steps (Advanced Workout) earns you 30 points.

The more active you are, the less you'll pay

Apple Watch Series 5:

0 PT
240 PT
360 PT
500 PT

It's the simplest — and most affordable — type of life insurance you can buy. It protects your family for a set term (or period of time, like 10, 15, 20 years). You decide how long you want to be covered, and how much money your family would need if something happened to you during that time.

Think about the financial commitments your family would face without you. Would they be responsible for paying the mortgage or putting kids through college? Would they need full-time help with young children at home, or would older parents need assistance? Could they cover immediate expenses, like monthly bills and funeral costs?

Many people underestimate the amount of coverage they need. As a general rule, you'll want to plan for an amount that's equal to 5-10x your income.

Most people do. If you have loved ones who depend on your income now or may in the future — a spouse, children, elderly parents — you'll want to protect them from financial hardship if they have to go on without you.

Even if you already have life insurance, it's a good idea to update your coverage from time to time, and especially after
major life events like getting married, buying a home or having a child.

Earn points for making healthy choices — the more points you earn, the more your vitality status will increase.

For Protection Term with Vitality policies, every year on your policy anniversary, you may receive premium savings depending on the points you accumulated and the status you achieved. Those savings can continue for the life of your policy if you lead a healthy lifestyle.  In addition, if you achieve Platinum status is achieved in any year, the premium you pay in your next policy year will decrease compared to the amount you pay in the current policy year.

  • Order your Apple Watch for an initial payment of $25 plus tax.
  • Additional Payments will continue for 24 months and will be based on the number of Standard or Advanced Workouts you complete each month.
  • You can earn 20 points a day for a Standard Workout, which includes walking between 10,000 and 14,999 steps; you can earn 30 points a day for an Advanced Workout, which includes 15,000 steps or more.
  • The more points you earn, the less you'll pay. Monthly charges vary based on the number of points you earn and the Apple Watch model you choose.

John Hancock's financial strength ratings, as judged by the major ratings agencies, are a measure of John Hancock's financial strength and stability. That's important when you're choosing a life insurance company – you want a partner who will be there for your family if the time ever comes.

With over 150 years of experience, John Hancock has protected generations of American families.

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